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pune smart week

pune smart week

exhibition design / experience

it was a rare yet challenging brief to conceptualize, curate and create a “one-of-its-kind city-level artvaganza’ within less than a month - an initiative by pune smart city development corporation limited. the intent of creating human centric spaces to strengthen social inclusion was exciting. designing a strong visual connect that becomes inviting, festive with a captivating visual appeal supported by a functional proposition was essential.


the motto “come.connect.celebrate |  #artforall / कला सर्वांसाठी ” rapidly caught vigor. the city started looking upbeat with the trademark pillars and venue gates made from reused construction scaffolding with vibrant fabric interwoven, creating an interplay of form, colour and light.

this design language was also re-implemented into stage backdrops of the grand events symbolizing the spirit of creativity and sustainability. public art installations and art arch competitions reflected the ethos of an evolving perception of art. “the tunnel of future” for audiences to immersively pause, wonder and engage. the sensor-based & interactive music wall integrated technology.

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