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sustainability starts here

even though 2021 has only just begun, we have a lot going on at pune handmade papers. we started the year by bringing in a range of different sustainable diaries & calendars to mark the start of a new and heartening 2021. colorful, flowery, fruity, monochromatic – we have it all! our mission to create a new world order by making sustainability a priority is always in reconstruction. we made sure we made these diaries and calendars with beautiful, recycled paper that we are known for. and we are not going to lie, we ourselves cannot resist getting all these diaries and calendars home! along with this, we also encouraged our friends in the corporate sector to choose us for all their paper needs. pune handmade papers leads you to a small step that you can take towards living a sustainable life; so that you can start here to help heal our planet step by step.

with an 80-year old legacy initiated by mahatma gandhi, pune handmade papers has been proudly swadeshi. but, we do run with the times. and it is with a lot of joy that we would like to tell you that our website has been up and running for almost 6 months now. we have also introduced an “artist’s loyalty program” this republic day exclusively for 50 artists which supports them in a way that makes pune handmade papers the place to make the most out of our plethora of paper and art products.

along with an in-store discount, all artists will be able to avail an additional discount on selected artist series. and what’s exciting about this is that all artists who are a part of the program will get a chance to showcase and demonstrate their work in the courtyard at pune handmade papers open for anyone to come & see. all these 50 artists will be featured on our social media, so, keep a lookout for it starting next month. we want to create an easy gateway for them to be recognized and reach as many people as possible. we know it can sometimes be tricky to choose the right gift for your loved ones. so, another piece of news to look out for are our “gift cards” that you can now purchase for your friends, family, or colleagues! we are very psyched to finally announce that these will be available starting the 1st of February, 2021 in our store and also on our website for everyone.

we will be waiting for you!



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