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straight from the heart

only into the second month of the year, but it has been an exhilarating ride for us. and to add to this joyride, the 15th Pune Design Festival (PDF) featured our makerspace, karkhana in a live session on instagram for people to know more about our design philosophy in a more candid and “heart-to-heart” conversation. a gateway through our walls, our thoughts, our ideas and our creations at karkhana was created by the Association of Designers of India (ADI) which we are very grateful for.

this journey to capture the essence of what we do was led by our team along with a host from ADI. this interactive session focused on reiterating how karkhana is an alternative makerspace and not just another production unit. an enriching tour of the entire space featured our workshop, creative studio, co-working space, print shop and café engaging the viewers by verbalising and manifesting our ideologies of design, sustainability and going “glocal.” a symbiotic relationship between design and architecture is reflected at karkhana. this coverage revealed our "secret" spaces on the inside and also underlined how we create opportunities to innovate and in a completely ambiguous environment.

this live coverage was also an open invitation to all designers, artists, performers to experiment and create at this idiosyncratic & futuristic space by studio mars.

if you missed this live session with karkhana; you can catch it on ADI's instagram account better late than never, right?



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