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redefining notions

with new times ahead of us, let’s all take a moment to pause and rewind from our learnings and eject the harshness of the past year. we are glad that you have played an important role in our journey, and together we have created an interconnected harmony of ideas, innovations & experiences. moving forward, this year is sure to be full of new insights, more values, and mindfulness as we stop to reconsider the future and record the present we all are in.

at studiomars, we are always making sure we are restructuring ourselves as we move ahead in time. it has been almost 20 years since we are in the game and let us tell you that it’s been an unforgettable journey. we are very grateful for all the things we have learned along our journey and continue to create and innovate every day. all of our partners have been a constant support through our ups and downs. and this is how studiomars was built over all these years – brick by brick. but now that our “normal” has become the “new normal”, we are full of beans to embark upon what the upcoming year holds for us.

while january brought in a lot of opportunities for our team, one of our most exciting projects that mark the start of the year 2021 was the lenovo UNIFY APAC design. this was created by keeping a consistent brand experience across all retail channels. the idea backing this was to offer customers an experience that goes beyond conventional expectations. we also wanted to create a place to shop as well as play extending the overall dwell time. the new UNIFY india adapt focuses on incorporating elements of practicality like store variations, civil modifications, and size variables in the design. understanding all these requirements, a standard guideline was set to build the store. combining effective materials, finishes, display dimensions along with intricate retail display guidance helped us achieve a customer-engaging journey.

with a pulsating new identity, the vibrant culture of lenovo was adapted in all the store designs and branding by us. the use of bold graphics and lifestyle imagery defined the high spirited approach of lenovo. the idea was to create an experience for everyone through modern, hi-tech displays dedicated to all categories of products, thus maintaining an international appeal. right from innovative graphics and signage styling, to deployment of all-india lenovo stores and new upcoming service centers, we made sure the client was led towards futuristic solutions.

we are looking forward to what this new year will bring our way and wish that you will be an eternal part of the mars & cö. family.



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