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more than just papers

it’s after almost a year that pune handmade papers (PHP) hosted its well-admired handmade paper-making workshop in association with the 15th Pune Design Festival (PDF). and it was surely an insider’s guide to heritage, craft, and culture!

commencing with an extensive tour of every step inside the factory led by our production team, the attendees got a chance to see how handmade paper is made from scratch. the attendees tried their hand at making paper. it was a heart-warming afternoon for us to share our journey and make these curious minds a part of the iterative journey at PHP. this year, the Pune Design Festival’s theme the relevance of now and how we as a community and as individuals can rethink design in the changing for a better tomorrow. the workshop definitely added value to this theme in a way that more people came to know about this revived institute right in the city’s heart restructuring sustainability to experiment each day.

the next workshop will be on the 20th of March, 2021. PHP will host a paper-making workshop every third saturday of the month. stay tuned on our social media channels @punehandmadepapers to know more about our activities & events!



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