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north-west | wipro

north-west | wipro

exhibition design / experience

a minimalistic and bold design approach with a play of pastel colours, to not only highlight the individual zones / range of products but also create a fun environment. the exterior structure as well as the interior are highlighted with a deep grey and white colour play, in return letting the bright and vibrant yellow louvers stand out stronger.

crooks and corners are created within the space where there are level differences from the outside and an interesting path flow on the inside, so monotony is kept far away. meanwhile, a symmetrical balance is maintained here in order for both the brands (north-west and garnet) to stand out bold and strong. the demo zone has glass walls on the exterior side to create a very interesting play of visibility and will create excitement within the passerby's as they get a look of the what’s happening on the inside.

the minimalistic typographical communication would portray simplicity within the space and allow the products to stand out.

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