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smruti chaya | chandukaka jagtap memorial

smruti chaya | museum design

museum design / experience

A large museum design in 3 weeks is not a challenge you get everyday. A memorial to display the extensive journey of Chandrakant Jagtap, fondly known as Chandukaka, at Saswad, a town near Pune. Interestingly through our research we found the name Saswad was initially known as "Sathwad" (7 banyan trees) that aptly became our design inspiration and the museum's name was coined as "Smriti Chhaya", also the perfect personification of Chandukaka. 


We incorporated the use of engaging technology, the palkhi sound tunnel and interactive touch panels not only summarises Chandukaka's contribution to the society, but is surely to attract and inspire many visitors.

The ceiling to floor metal structural design and earthy coloured sections are a manifestation of the banyan tree roots. Kaka being a protagonist in the educational sector, the art installation of alphabets connote the same expression. The floating suspended appearance of the wooden printed panels convey our approach of sustainability and minimising unnecessary use of material.

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